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Cycling and thermostatic switches

There are two types of Cycling keys are used to control the operation of the compressorpressure Cycling thermostatic switches and circuit breakers. They are used to maintain the correct temperature of the evaporator. Switches provide maximum cooling, not allowing evaporator below zero. They also prevent compressor operation in cold weather conditions. These switches can be connected in series with the compressor control circuit, or they can be controlled by computer.

Pressure Cycling switch, usually installed on the evaporator inlet line, after the metering device. When the low side pressure falls below a predetermined point contacts in position open. Low pressure rises, the contacts of the switch remain open until the preset value. Closing pressure usually 15 psi-20 psi higher than the opening pressure. This prevents rapid Cycling of the compressor.

Thermostatic switches, usually mounted on the evaporator case. Refrigerant-charged sensing bulb is clamped on the evaporator. Exploitation of this switch, such pressure Cycling the switch. The only exception is that the temperature, and not pressuresupervises the work of the switch..

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