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Oil in system

To function properly, the compressor must have the correct number and type of oil. The oil must be clean and dry". Too much oil will lead to the pumping of oil, which reduces the efficiency of the system and possibly causing damage to the valves of the compressor. Too little oil will lead to a rapid deterioration of the compressor bearings, pistons, rings, valves and gate valves. It will also lead scoring the shaft seal. Therefore, it is important to maintain the right amount of oil in the system.

Most of refrigerant recovery stations for R-12 and R-134a contain provisions to measure the oil is removed from the system. The amount of oil are lost during the evacuation or recovery of refrigerant must be carefully measured. It must be replaced during the charging process. Always check the manufacturer's service manual for the correct oil to be used.

When the system components are replaced, they may need some additional oil. Therefore, the expert should check the service manual for the correct amount of oil in the system. Additional oil may also be required if the system was rapidly exhausted.

This happens if the car is involved in a collision.

Some compressors allow you to check the oil. Some of them should be removed from the car to check the oil level, while others require the dipstick. Wire probe is inserted through a bolt hole in the crankcase of the compressor and check the oil level. Check the service manual procedures, if there is doubt...

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