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Technical information Air-Conditioning Steam Heating Installation

Central Heating Installation

Steam heating vary with each installation. When the number of radiators, the system does not produce moisture. The air is not moistened or cleaned. Air circulation with the help of thermal motion (hot air rises). Certain humidity and cleaning systems should be used. Many installation of radiator installed in forced convection flow. This pipeline system may also have a filter system dampening system.

All steam heating should be set according to the provisions of the code. How and hot-water boilers, steam boilers should be set. Pipes must be installed with a slope down into the boiler. Piping shall be designed to allow for expansion. Vents should be located on the highest points of the system. Each radiator must have a ventilation hole and the catcher. Trap steam will help in the radiators. It only allows to return the condensate to the boiler. There are three types of steam traps: mechanical, thermal, and momentum. After installation, the system must be flushed to remove the dirt. The system must be leak-tested specified code before it can be operated...

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