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Condenser water regulating valve

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Condenser water valve

In systems utilizing the water-cooled condenser condenser water valve regulates the pressure at a constant level or at some specified minimum level. In the example shown here maintains a permanent highside (head) pressure using a condenser pressure control valve. It is self-contained, pressure-driven control. As condensation temperature and pressure rise, more pressure on the valve bellows, expansion bellows, opening the valve. As more water flows through the condenser, the heat is removed faster.

Thus, the condenser pressure and the temperature is reduced to the desired level. As condensation temperature and pressure valve pressure drop bellows drops. This action of pulling the fur and closes the valve. When less water flows through the condenser, the heat is removed more slowly. Thus, the condenser pressure and temperature are brought up to the required level.

Pressure and corresponding saturation temperature at which a capacitor is supported can be changed by adjusting the pressure tests spring in the upper part of the valve.


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