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Getting the Motor started

One of the most important parts of single-phase electric motor of a releaser. A special type is required for use with single-phase motors. Centrifugal switch is used to take the start winding of the chain when the engine came within 75 percent of its running speed. Split-phase capacitor-start " and other variations of these types, all you need to run the engine to run them.

Stator split-phase AC motor has two types of coil; one of them is called the run winding and other start winding. Start winding is made by turning the enamel copper wire through the stator slots of forgings.

The beginning of the winding is performed in the same way, except that wire less. Coil that form the starting winding are located in pairs stator directly opposite each other, and between the start winding. When you look at the end of the stator, you see AC start windings and starting winding (see Fig. 7-9).

Start windings all bound together, so electric current must pass through one coil completely before continuing to the next round, and so on through all of the winding of the stator.

In the start windings are connected in the same way, and the current must pass each in turn (see Fig. 7-11).

The two wires from the start in the stator windings connected to the terminals on a stand-alone terminal in one end of the bell, where the power cord is connected to the same terminals. One wire from the start winding is tied to one of these terminals. However, on the other wire from the beginning of the winding is connected to the fixed switch at the end of the bell. Other wire connects the switch in front of the terminal on a stand-alone unit. Stationary switch does not rotate but are placed so that the weight of the rotating parts of the switch, located on the rotor will move out when the motor is up to speed and open the switch to stop the electric current passing through the start winding.

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