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Refrigerator cabinets made of pressed steel. Hie welded seams. The outer surface should be smooth and vaporproof. The inner shell surface provides for the internal finishing of the Cabinet. It also provides mounting brackets for shelves; lights, thermostats, temperature controllers and other

Insulation between the outer and inner shell. Polyurethane, if used, is expanding this space. This allows it to fit without cracks or open places. Hinge mechanism usually a part of the outer shell and the door Assembly.

In simple refrigerator, wardrobe provides space for the evaporator along the top or on the upper corner. Cold air from the evaporator flow by natural circulation through the refrigerated space. Shelves are made so that the air can circulate freely past the ends and sides. In this kind of setting do not need to use a fan. Containers for fresh vegetables is usually located in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It usually has a cover, in order to maintain a sufficiently high humidity around the vegetables.

In most cases, the switch is in the hinge side of the door.

The light is switched off when the door opens and closes.

Heal flow from the outer to the inner shell of at door can be reduced. Connecting finish of a special piece of plastic, as a rule, is used for this purpose. This plastic is sometimes called a " cold ban, being a poor conductor of heat. This finish is usually attached to the refrigerator liner and shell with a trim clips. Hie finish on refrigerators, as a rule, good quality of the baked-on enamel. This is both outside and inside the Cabinet. Porcelain, enamel found on steel Cabinet liners...

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