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Moisture in the Refrigerant

Moisture (water) in a system may freeze in the refrigerant management. It can clog or partially hammer management. Moisture in some refrigerants may, in the presence of high temperatures of the compressor, because the refrigerant to break down and form harmful acids. This can lead to corrosion, corrosion or oil sludging, which can result in burnout engine in hermetic systems.

Refrigerants should be stored in sealed containers and has to be absolutely dry. Drying methods refrigerants are described in Chapters 12, 15 and 31.

The presence of moisture in the refrigerant can be defined moisture indicator placed in the liquid line. The indicator is a chemical substance that changes color depending on the moisture content. Sight glass or window in the EC liquid line will help you to see the color change.

It may be impossible to remove all the moisture from the refrigerant. However, the amount of moisture should be kept very low. The maximum amount of moisture Pets will vary depending on the type of refrigerant and low-side temperature.

Most of the refrigerant manufacturers supply refrigerants, which are dry (practically free of moisture).

Moisture content does not exceed five parts per million (ppm). Liquid refrigerants can hold more moisture in the solution as the low side of the temperature rises. This allows the refrigerant circulates without the danger of moisture separation from him. The moisture which separates may freeze or form harmful compounds. For example, R-12 is safe to use on 20F (-70 17 ppm moisture content. In (-18, It is safe to use from 8.3 ppm. At -20F (about 29aC) safe use of 3.8 ppm. At -40F (-40SC), only safe from 1.7 ppm.

Table safe moisture content for some refrigerants is shown in Fig. 9-36. Any amount of moisture at or above the value of "the color of wet" will harm the system. The technician must depend on the moisture indicator to determine the amount of moisture in the system.

If moisture indicator shows "the color of wet" new land should be enqueued. The system should be used until the moisture indicator and means "dry " color" It may sometimes be necessary to replace a number of land thnes to remove moisture from the system.

During system maintenance, avoid cold internal parts of air. Moisture from the air condenses on the parts inside the system. Warm parts to room temperature with the heat lamp before the opening of the system...

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