Installing suction screens for compressors

Technical information Air-Conditioning Testing the Compressor

Compressor Testing

The compressor should effectively pump. If the compressor capacity is reduced, the maximum cooling effect is reached. The compressor should vacuum pump 15" Hg (381 mm Hg) in a short time on the background of normal water pressure. If this is not done, pistons, rings, or the intake valves leaking (worn). The refrigerant is used for leak testing of the compressors. Careful examination of the pressure sensor is used to assess the compressor capacity of the pump and valve condition.

Attention! Never run the compressor, if it has the correct amount of a pure refrigerant oil. Some compressors have the screen is installed in the compressor casing for installation of suction line. This screen removes particles of dirt, sand, metal shavings. This prevents damage to the compressor. The screen must be inspected every time refrigerant removed from the system. It must be cleaned if necessary. If the screen is locked (scored), or almost blocked, the system will not be stored in the refrigerator. In addition, in the crankcase of the compressor would under vacuum. Low side pressure is above normal, and high pressure will be lower than normal. Little or no refrigerant is circulated.


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