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Condenser efficiency issues

Three types of capacitor most commonly used in refrigeration all have appropriate levels of energy consumption, which should be taken into account:
  • with air cooling - fan power;
  • water cooled circulating pump capacity and, as a rule, the cooling tower components;
  • evaporative - fan and pump power.
The more surface area of the condenser, the closer the temperature condensing temperature of the cooling medium, whether it be air or water. This is below the temperature of condensation, leads to reduction of energy consumption. Heat transfer all capacitor types is reduced if they are dirty:
  • air-cooled condenser fin blocks should be free of debris and in good condition;
  • water cooled condenser tubes should not be fouled, corrosion or enlarged (cooling water, as a rule, will be treated to avoid this).
Air or other non-condensables in the system of condensation temperature, which leads to a decrease in efficiency. Well installation procedure (i.e. evacuation)to prevent such developments.

In large systems that operate at suction pressure below atmospheric pressure, air can be sucked into the system during operation. This should be automatically removed with the use of cooled air purger (this type prevents the loss of refrigerant to the atmosphere, when the air is removed).

Condensing pressure must be allowed to swim with the ambient temperature to take advantage of the lower ambient temperatures at night and throughout the winter. This causes pressure drop significantly vary, and may cause problems with some types typically used expansion valve. To avoid this, the more advanced extensions to use devices such as electronic or balanced types of ports or increase the pressure of the fluid must be considered.


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