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Thermal insulation and ventilation for electrical heating

Electric heating is becoming more popular. Problems in electric heating, as a rule, imply the need for insulation and ventilation. The excess relative humidity may also be an issue. Heating cost is another factor that must be considered. As a rule, it costs more to produce a unit of heat electrically than in most other fuels. Reduction of heat loss through Windows, walls, floors and ceilings, will reduce heating costs. Thus, the installation of efficient thermal insulation materials and Windows with double glazing will help to reduce the heat load.

Electric heating requires a good thermal insulation and a tight structure. Sometimes, however, this exacerbates the problem of ventilation. If the building takes many people frequent air changes should be submitted for the purpose of ventilation. Space, comfort cooling, as well as electrically heated, as a rule, have electric heating elements in the Plenum chamber and system of air ducts. Some systems also have electric elements placed in each room.

This allows individual control, heated premises.

Relative air humidity in the electric heating of buildings, as a rule, otherwise than in those who use fuel burning heating equipment. With fuel-burning equipment, a fairly large number, the air passes through the kiln and from the stack. As a rule, make-up air enters a building, as a result of leaks around doors, Windows and cracks in the floor. With the electric heating of buildings, construction permits little penetration of this nature. Thus, it is possible that the relative humidity is too high. The pair formed in space could not easily walk away from the occupied space. De-humidification equipment may be needed.

There are other factors, too, that help make the cost of heating with electricity favorable. There is no dirt or smoke generated in connection with the heating. Curtains, upholstery and wood products longer remain clean, and the cost of cleaning and redecorating can be reduced. In some areas, electrical companies offer a lower price for electricity used for heating patterns, as an incentive...

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