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Window or wall air-conditioner is a cheap and easy way to provide comfort cooling for part of a building or place of residence. Window unit mounted on windows, and install relatively easy. Condenser are located in the section of the Cabinet, which is outside the building. Outside, the air is passed through the condenser fan. Inside the room, the other fan draws air through the filter and forces it through the evaporator, two air flow fans may be driven by the same engine or each of them may have its own motor.

Window units are available in several types. One type of cooling and air filters and fresh air. Another also has an electrical resistance heater for decoration, warmly. The third type uses reverse cycle system (heat pump). This allows the use of refrigeration, as for comfort cooling and heating.

Window units could be obtained in a tit double-hung windows or shutters of the window. Units can be installed in a special hole in the wall. Evaporator condensate can be discharged through pipe outside of a building or divert the basis of condensing units for efficient cooling of compressor and condenser.

Capillary tube, bypass surgery, AEV, or TEV refrigerant management is usually used.

Some units of the cooled air from side to side, how the device works. This is done by turning angle baffle plate. Sheets are mounted on the shaft. The shaft is rotated with air-driven rotor in the exhaust air. Window air conditioners contain built-in thermostat to control the device. Thermostat sensing bulb is usually installed at the inlet of the evaporator. Difference of about 5F (3C) is normal.

If part of the lamp far from evaporator insulation, the bulb will better respond to the temperature of the evaporator. It will cool faster and stop the unit before he overcools. It also stops the air handling unit when the evaporator ices. The device will run again until the ice melts. Room air conditioners were designed portable infrared controllers. Indicator lights indicate the operating status and temperature. Manual remote control can be used for operation of the system within a room. The user can program the clock, mode, fan speed, temperature control, and start/stop times.

Note: As with all capillary tube refrigerant system, if the device is switched off and entered at once, he can stop. The compressor of a high pressure will not have time to catch up with the low-pressure side. It is important to allow time for the system to equalize after shut down to prevent damage to the compressor...

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