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Climate is defined as the weather conditions of the region. The following conditions : temperature, humidity, sunshine, pressure and movement of air. Outdoor climate, of course, may not be affected much air conditioning (heating, cooling, humidifying). In a confined space, however, these factors can be controlled. "Closed" climate can be provided to meet any desired condition.

In the premises, factors determining comfort can be completely controlled. There is a definite relationship between comfort and temperature, humidity and air movement conditions. Figure 19-30 illustrates constant comfort condition with varying temperature and humidity. Most of the houses and jobs, air-conditioned.

The increase in air traffic, as a rule, gives a cooling effect on the human body. If the heating system provides too much air traffic (over 15 to 20 fpm), the temperature increase may be necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Weather conditions in the atmosphere. These include temperature, wind speed and direction, cloudiness, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Weather affects the need and requirements of air conditioning...

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