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The new alternative substances necessary for the replacement of fully halogenated refrigerants that are believed to contribute to atmospheric ozone. In recent decades, many research and development in the field of synthesis and characterization alternative refrigerants they have taken. Replacement limited ODS alternative may lead to substantial changes in the design of the various components, such as insulation, grease, heat exchangers, and engines.

The tests should be performed for optimization of system performance and ensuring the reliability and safety of the system. Several alternative refrigerants are available on the market. A few people (e.g., Lorentzen, 1993) suggested that natural refrigerants, i.e. ammonia, propane and CO2 for ODSs. We present here an R-134a as the most popular alternative, as well as some other potential replacements, including natural substances, ODS, although there are so many deputies are available, ranging from application to application.


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