Direct Refrigerant Systems: Direct refrigeration system What is a direct refrigeration system?

Direct refrigeration system - Direct refrigeration system

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Direct Refrigerant System

All the air-water and air-water systems use of the cooling system to provide cooling. Then they use air or water, or a combination of the two, distribute power cooling zones, within a building. Direct refrigerant system, on the other hand, eliminate the need to send air or water from the Central refrigerating systems for each area. This simplifies the installation of the system, eliminating all or most of the air ducts and pipelines required for other types of systems.

The last example of this concept is seen in a window or through the wall air-conditioning equipment. They are used for small areas on the perimeter of the building. Depending on the device type heating may also be available. For example, some of the rooms have electric heating, some of them are available as heat pumps, while others are supplied with hot water or steam coil. Hot water or steam will be supplied separately Central boiler-house.


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