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Insulation pipe reduces duct loss or gain and prevents condensation. 1 1/2-pound density ducts which provide air speed of up to 1500 feet per minute. Three pounds density or neoprene coating insulation is recommended for air ducts, which handle the air at a speed of over 1500 feet per minute. Isolation may be 1/2 or 1 inch thick, inside the duct.

When rooftop equipment uses sandwich space for the return air return air system in the chamber should be connected to the air-inlet. Such air cell is shown in Fig. 5.14. This reduces air treatment audio transmission through the thin ceiling panels. It should be a size should not exceed 1500-fpm return-air velocity. Air duct can be glass fiber or fiberglass trees metal. Ceiling return-the ventilation grilles should not be installed within 15 feet of the duct inlet...

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