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Technical information Air-Conditioning Grilles


The intake grille is a device for converting static pressure, speed of the output, with the required speed and direction, air conditioning in room, addicted to the ambient air so as to reach the invaders at a certain temperature.

Walls, bars have directed a spade in one or two planes, which can be installed on commissioning. They should be installed by a competent person, who knows, the necessary number of the thread. It is desirable, that such adjustment shall be operated by special instruments to prevent subsequent interventions.

Along the perimeter of the block lattice should direct air upwards and slightly away from the window to start the circulation pattern. Fixed angles preferable to the units and not regulated business includes a lot of Packed products. A common disadvantage with such attitudes obstruction of the inlet and outlet grilles for office equipment. This is one advantage : if the upper surface with a slope to discourage its use as a shelf.

Geometry ceiling lattices and slots can be fixed or adjustable. In the first case, the flow pattern is set interval and loudness (velocity), so the site settings, may not always compensate for the faulty layout.

Slots are limited to throw around 5 m at full volume, and the location of the feed and return slots must take into account any operating variations in this volume. Settings commissioning of all these, especially those adjustable geometry, should be left to the competent hands, and then locked.

For very large areas, such as Assembly halls or sports arenas, jet air will be required to obtain long distances throw. Localized checkers may be unavoidable in such facilities. A lot of air moving device now has a special grid, which move during operation, to distribute the air in a particular pattern to avoid stagnation.


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