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Refrigeration Mechanical Components

Refrigerators with freezer have sealed compressor at the base of the Cabinet. Capacitor, either in the bottom or rear of the enclosure. Tyres liquid refrigerant flows of the capillary tube to the evaporator in the freezer.

Typical manual defrost system components is shown in Fig. 11-7 refrigerant, as a rule, sufficient to freezer evaporator filled. Quite necessary for the overflow from the evaporator freezer, . The evaporator is usually located on the side of the cooling chamber. She has a rather large battery. Possible side from this comes the third evaporator, C. a third evaporator is usually located on the side of the cooling chamber. The third evaporator also equipped with a rechargeable battery. This ensures that all the refrigerant evaporates before the pair is allowed to enter the suction line.

From this battery refrigerant evaporates drawn back to the suction line of the compressor, steam, compressed and injected primarily in small condensing coil, D. hence the high vapour pressure is pumped through the loop in the base of the compressor.

It serves the oil cooler. Hence compressed steam flows into the condenser, E, at the bottom or on the back of the refrigerator.

At this point, heat, steam emitted into the atmosphere. The refrigerant is then condensed back into a liquid. The liquid flows from the bottom of the condenser through the filter-dehydrator. Then it enters in a capillary}' tube attached to a suction line. In a capillary}' tube controls the flow of the refrigerant in the evaporator of the freezer, and then the cycle repeats.


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