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Due to the gradual CFC refrigerants, it may be necessary to change the type of refrigerant per unit. This is called modernization.

Determination of the type of refrigerant used in the system can be difficult. This is usually carried out "check the manufacturer tags on the equipment. Identification of color, no odor, is difficult. The only exception are R-764, sulfur dioxide, and R-717 (ammonia). Sniff refrigerants can be deadly.

Refrigerant identification of the device is shown in Fig. 9-34. This tool shows whether the system has R-12, R-l 34a, or some mixture of the refrigerant. The instrument can be used in residential, commercial and automotive systems, or on the refrigerant cylinders. It is widely used in the automotive air conditioning, where it is difficult to determine if R-12 system was reformed R-l34a or a different type of refrigerant.

If you want to change the refrigerant, some components of the system must be changed. This is determined by the original design of the system. The technician should contact the manufacturer to change the type of refrigerant or refrigerant management.

Often refrigerant management should be changed and replace oil. The correct new controls and oil are the new refrigerant to be used. In addition, the new filter drier is installed in the system.


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