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Refrigerator Temperatures

On the low side pressure in the refrigeration system is determined by the temperature in the evaporator.

First you must determine the required temperature of the post or device. Then, you must configure the motor control until the temperature is maintained. However, there are cases when the specified evaporator temperature and the temperature inside the Cabinet relationship that must exist.

Cabinet temperatures are fairly standard. Fig. 9-29 are the recommended temperature for some common devices (cabinets), the recommended temperature for various applications shown in Figure 9-30.

You must have the correct size of the evaporator temperature If the evaporator is too large, the temperature will be above the norm. If the evaporator is stunted, the temperature will be lower than normal. Evaporator will have a lower temperature than the temperature device (temperature difference required for heat flux).

As a rule, the refrigerant will 10F (6C) is cooler than the temperature of the evaporator when the unit is running.

The refrigerant in the evaporator will be the same temperature during the off cycle. The evaporator surface temperature depends on its size. It also depends on the speed with which heat is removed from the instrument.

Temperature typical glaze-type evaporator will vary from 0F 25F (-18C to 4C), and the refrigerant temperature will be about 10F (6C) lower than this, ft will be in the range from -10F to 15F (-23C-9C) when the unit is running. In the table in Fig. 9-31 gives the pressure corresponding to the temperature of boiling and condensation temperature over the eleven popular refrigerants...

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