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Maintenance of motor-car conditioners

To service car air conditioners such a standard of service of air conditioning systems. Change of the system with R-12 and R-134a is one of the types of service operation. Each vehicle is different, depending on the manufacturer, model, and year in which the vehicle was built. Some vehicles require only minor changes, such as the type of A/C hose O-ring, while others may require a new compressor. Check with the vehicle manufacturer before you attempt to modernize the system. Permanently attached labels must be placed inside the engine compartment, to identify any system that have been modified for R-134a. All the old R-12 labels should be removed from the car.

Maintenance is usually begins with customer complaints, or occurs in the course of the annual review system. The frequent complaints no cooling or bad cooling, noise, short-term cooling, and vibration. There can be several reasons for each complaint. Test the system thoroughly to find the cause. Turn off the engine when installing sensors to avoid injury.

Always clean the connections before removing the cover, cork). Always attach manifold for the air conditioning system to service. Never use collector set that was under the open sky, before and after the intake and the lines were removed (cleaned and dried.

Service valves can be located in different cities and countries. They can be found at the compressor suction or offset holes, batteries, or lines. They can be a part of the measuring device. Some services valves should be back seat to patch up the hole of the sensor. Before servicing the automotive air conditioning systems, to know what performance you can expect from the system. Customer expectations cooling capacity may differ from the actual capacity of the system in hot weather...

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