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Compressor protection and control switches

Several of the instruments used to protect the compressor from extreme pressure. These switches are usually wired in series with compressor clutch circuit. However, they can be controlled by one of the car's computer, if so equipped.

High pressure switch protects the compressor from operating at extremely high pressures. It is usually mounted on the compressor housing. When the pressure exceeds a given point, the switch opens and cuts off current to the compressor clutch. When the pressure drops, the switch closes and compressor resumes.

Low-pressure switch is normally mounted on the battery. This prevents damage of the compressor, expanding operations, when refrigerant is too low in the system. When the low side pressure falls below a set point of the low pressure switch open contacts, preventing the flow of current to the compressor clutch.

Some air-conditioning systems also use a wide open throttle or throttle position sensor. Both types of switches are intended for compressor shut-off clutch during periods of rapid acceleration.

Set the switch on the car gas-control or functions are controlled by the engine computer. Its goal is to reduce the load on the engine or loss of power if necessary. Examples of this may be when passing other vehicles, climbing a steep grade or entering a highway. This is normally closed switch open, when the throttle completely suppressed, causing the compressor Muff, opening...

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