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Technical information Air-Conditioning Heat Pump Installation

Installation Of The Heat Pump

The heat pump is almost the same as the refrigeration system. Most of the installation instructions in Chapters 12 and 15 can be applied heat pumps. Blocks should be aimed carefully. Electrical services should be the correct voltage and phase. Wiring should be large enough to carry the load without the critical voltage drop.

In cold climates, heat pump must be installed above the projected total height of the snow cover in the area. It will be about 8 to 18 inches (20 cm to 46 cm) above the ground in most localities. In extremely cold climates, defrost timer should be set at no standard open thermostat. Always consult the owner to shovel snow from the condensing unit.

Temperature in room heating register is usually set at 105F. This is much lower than the temperature register (125F [52C])used with oil or gas heating systems. Heat pumps, therefore, to take more time to heat the cold room than the kiln system. In this case, many first-call customer complaints about the new heat pump installations.

The window and the wall units require one housing mounting technology.

It is important to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. This type of the extracts of "natural heat from the outside in winter for space heating. The device cools space in the summer, absorbing heat from the room. Heat is discharged to the outside atmosphere. Through the wall of the heat pumps are easy to maintain. The heat pump unit can be removed for servicing. Individual heat pump well adapted to the apartments. Owner of a few device does not have a Central air conditioning system. Thermostat for each unit can be set to provide heating or cooling of the best. This setting does not affect the other people living in the building...

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