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Air Traffic Services

The air coming into the conditioned space through the ducts must circulate without causing irritating drafts. This depends on the number and size of the air intake grilles. This depends on the speed of movement of air through them. Air is delivered to the room prior to feed channel, moving with a speed of 150 feet. in a minute or more, is called primary air. Primary air pressure and mixed with air already in the room. Distance air from the grille travel before he slows down to 50 feet. per minute (terminal velocity) is called a cast. In the output speed the speed of the air flow as it leaves the lattice.

The total size of the lattice is not important. The total area of air holes in the lattice defines lattice potential. Distribution of air that leaves the lattice is very important. Return air grilles should be located in places where the maintenance of air has a slow-motion..

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