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Heat Pumps

Air and ground source heat pumps have become popular heating and cooling combinations in some areas. Operation of the heat pump is similar to the base system, refrigerator. Coil mounted outdoors sometimes evaporator. Another time, this capacitor. This is accomplished by using a four-way valve.

In cold weather outdoor coil is used as the evaporator. After the refrigerant evaporates, it shrinks. It produces hot refrigerant. Refrigerant releases heat inside the building through the condenser. When the weather is warm, evaporator changes in the condenser valve system. Condenser evaporator becomes. This agreement directs the heat inside the building. In the heat given in the open air through the condenser. The main difference between a geothermal heat pump and air heat pump:

  • The heat pump uses air to refrigerant change from one state to another.
  • Geothermal heat pump uses of land or water (lake, pond, a well and others) to change the state of the refrigerant.
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