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Evaporative Condensers

Many use air conditioning systems, water-cooled condenser. In evaporative condenser can be used for cooling of the condenser steam. This system uses a conventional engine, a compressor, condenser, liquid receiver, drier, thermostatic expansion valve and the evaporator. Tyres hot compressed refrigerant vapor is transferred evaporative condenser. Capacitor, usually located on the roof or outside the building, as shown.

In this mechanism, the water enters the holding tank. The float mechanism maintains a constant water level in the tank. Water pump circulates the water spray cooling of the condenser.

Fan draws air through the side of the evaporative condenser housing. He makes the air up through the top. Drops of water are cooled by evaporation and then flow through the condenser. Some water is spent on evaporation process. It is automatically replaced by the act in the tank. Pressure control engine used for cooling compressor motor, in this case...

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