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Ventilation is the term applied to a change in the air in a building. In any space occupied by people breathing reduces the oxygen content. Activities in space, maybe add some of pollutants into the environment. The most economical way to maintain health and to create comfortable conditions for a replacement air. This is done by bringing in outside air ventilation of the area.

Sometimes it is desirable to quickly replace the air in an enclosed space. This is done by opening Windows and doors, throwing the entire space, with 100% outside air. The majority of heating systems, to provide a replacement air. A small percentage of the air in air-conditioned comfort constantly replaced. This is done by slowly exhausting little air and attraction of fresh air from the outside. In homes, the gradual change may not be noticeable. There is always a small amount of air entering and leaving the house. Is the movement of air occurs through the cracks around Windows and doors. He will pass through doorways each tune doors are open.

Some of porous construction materials contain a lot of tiny holes).

Thus, a large number of air filter can in and outside the building. The volume of penetration depends on the wind speed and temperature difference inside and outside the building. Air seeking to enter the building on the windward side and leave the building on the leeward side.

As warm air is lighter than cold air, it tends to rise in number. In buildings with more than one story, warm air rises from the lower to the upper floors. The rising air will create a little pressure that causes some warm air through the upper surface of the building. This lost the air is replaced by a cold air at lower levels.

Since the summer of air conditioning, the opposite situation. Cold air tends to flow down and possibly leave the building, at the lower levels. Cold air is replaced by warmer air to the upper levels. Whenever the air is sucked from space, it must be replaced. Air brought in from the street should be cleaned and adjusted to be the same temperature. Replace the air conditioning to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. This air-conditioned air brought into the room called "air"

The structure that stores inside the air pressure slightly above atmospheric pressure has a positive pressure. Framework that supports air pressure slightly below atmospheric presstire has negative pressure. Fuel-burning furnaces, ovens and fireplaces, working in winter period, as a rule, cause a negative pressure. There will be a significant amount of air leakage through the walls and cracks. Positive pressure can be maintained only if the fan or blower, some is used to output to fresh air. Heated pool, high rise buildings, upper rooms can be slightly above atmospheric pressure. The lower rooms may be slightly below atmospheric pressure, because warm air rises...

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