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Technical information Air-Conditioning SINGLE-PACKAGE ROOFTOP UNITS


On the roof of one unit can be used for heating and cooling for industrial and commercial objects. Figure 5.12 shows such units. It can provide up to 1.5 million BTU, if the water is warm. It may also include additional equipment for heat supply, to 546,000 Btu, using electricity. Such units can use oil, gas or propane fuel for heating.

These devices require large amounts of power to operate. Perhaps to save energy by using more sensitive controls. High-sensitivity controls the supply air. They send signals to the control unit. This, in turn, cycles of mechanical equipment in accordance with the exit to the load.

An optional device for the conservation of energy. She is without a load range of the thermostat, which has a built-in differential 6 degrees F (3.3 degrees C). This gives the system the possibility of the shore between checkpoints without the cost of primary energy within the recommended comfort-range setting.


Another feature that is common is the refrigerant heat reclaim the coil.

This can reduce the supermarket heating costs significantly. The heating coils can be factory installed downstream of the evaporator. He will use the condenser heat to control humidity and prevent hypothermia. Unit of this size is for a large store or supermarket. Fig. 5.13 shows how rooftop model is mounted for effective distribution of cold air. Because cold air is heavy, it will quickly settle to floor level. Hot air rises and remains near the ceiling in the room. Thus, it is possible for the warmer air to raise the temperature of cold air from the air conditioner before it comes into contact with the room's occupants.


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