Conducted heat

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Conducted heat

Conducted heat is what will be in the cooling surfaces, tank hand, insulation of pipes, etc. Is usually unchanged and outside temperature, average summer temperature, probably, 25-27C for the UK, if the other figure is known. Coldroom surface measured on the external dimensions, and usually rely on the flow of heat through the isolation only, ignoring other construction materials, as their thermal resistance is small.

The General conduct of the heat load is from the area of the walls, ceiling and floor, multiplied by the temperature difference and the associated 'U' values. Solar radiation can fall on the external walls and roofs, increased skin temperature, and is to be considered. Most cold storages are built in an outer shell that protects them from the elements and from direct sunlight. In cases where isolation is an object of solar radiation, manual 5K above the external temperature, should be accepted. Heat load must be assessed by all surfaces, including pipelines, ducts, fans shell, tank walls and other where the heat fluxes inside the cooling system.

Radiant heat is not a serious factor in a commercial or industrial refrigeration systems, being confined to the sun through refrigeration Windows, blinds and radiation in the open shop showcase with lighting.


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