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Solid ice

In some models of refrigerators-freezers, solid controls are used for automatic ice-cube maker. They use transistors, diodes, relays, and other semiconductor components discussed in Chapter 6. These elements are then collected into a single PCB. Cm. Fig. 11-36. Inputs on-Board via edge connector. Inputs include existing conditions, such as ice, level, temperature, power and the other Outputs are also served through the edge connector. Results include motor power switch signals and other

Diagram on the Board requires two types of voltage.

Low voltage DC signals that work in semiconductor devices. Temperature sensor and ice release cycle management functions directly controlled by such signals. 120 VAC for operation of the actuator and valve water.

The thermistor is located in front of the ice cube tray. He monitors the temperature in this place. Thermistor senses a temperature below 13F (11C), It will send a signal back to the solid-state circuits management. Control system and relay, which completes the circuit of the drive motor.

It initiates harvesting, or ice cube release cycle.

Mechanical ice release process is using the cam gear mechanism. Block in Fig. 11-37 produces ice cubes. Ice deposited in an ice bucket or thrown through the door of the freezer duct. General works ice maker is carried out through a series of switches. Switches (at line voltage circuit) engine control system and water valve. These switches are used for control and monitoring of ice ejection process. They usually operate through a sliding pin code. Pin code should be cam molded into the front surface of the roller mechanism. Solid ice cube ice maker also the level switch. He stops, icemaker, the extraction of the new ice when the capacity is full...

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