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Technical information Air-Conditioning Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters

High efficiency systems that provide heating, cooling, and integrated water heating. An example of such system is "Powermiser." Cm. Fig. 24-29. This device also provides increased comfort, energy savings and reduced energy consumption.

At the request of the thermostat, Powermiser system will work for either heating or cooling space as is required. Whenever the system is running, the water pump will operate, providing water heating. The device allows the owner to switch from space heating and cooling. Water heating is carried out dedicated to the electric water heater (specific device to provide hot water only). Water heating can be obtained using heat or air indoors or outdoors. Production of heat from the air in the room; indoor blower will work and floor fan will be turned off. When heat is obtained from outdoor air, outdoor fan and indoor blower Is switched off.

Fifty-gallon electric water heater is usually used. This will ensure adequate water-heating power for the average family. Electrical connection supply water heater is directed of the main distribution panel. It is run through the compressor and water heater. Powered electric hot water heater riot off. This is because Powermiser depends on sensing the current draw of the heater to begin its operation in selected water-heating regime...

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