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Multizone Ductless Split System

Multizone ductless system is popular for new and upgraded office use. They are often used in legal and medical institutions, sanatoria and houses without ducts. The main components of the system include a single outdoor condenser, three independent evaporators, and individual control of the temperature of the evaporator. The condensing unit is located outside on the plate. Line for evaporators enter the building in the right places.

The new system now gives ductless system owner four options for air conditioning. These use the window unit, wall unit, a remote or a ductless units. Some of the main advantages of ductless system are the following:

  • One condensing unit is used three independent evaporators.
  • Each evaporator temperature is maintained individually, providing different temperatures for three different offices.
  • Most of the rooms are equipped with wireless remote control temperature.
  • Units can be installed in walls or ceilings.
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