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Solar Heating

All forms of energy emanate from the sun. The amount of energy generated by the sun and the growing need for conservation of fossil fuels makes solar heating is desirable in some areas. Solar energy is used for heating, heating and domestic water. It is an alternative to using energy resources.

The use of solar energy in heating and developed slowly. Solar heating development began in southern California during World War I. It was used there in military camps. He again and again as a means of heating water in the 1930s. The use of solar energy is expanding in the late 1970s and 1980s. At that time, Federal programs have become available for solar heating and cooling.

In its simplest form, solar heating/cooling system reduces the consumption of fuel equivalent. Solar energy heating systems, and the use of equipment for collection, storage and distribution of solar heat. Two main types of solar systems of passive and active. An example of a passive solar heating system, solar rays entering in the South of the window in the cold weather.

The sun's rays raise the temperature in the room.

Active solar heating systems have several different sections. It is necessary to use heat in this area. Solar heat must be collected, stored and distributed. The active system is a concept most often used for heating and cooling. Solar heating and cooling has increased in recent years in areas where sunlight is available for a long time...

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