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Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Air-to-air heat pump efficiency depends on temperature of external air. To improve this efficiency, some installations use water or groundwater, or the heat exchanger is buried in the ground or shipped into the body of water. Systems that use water or soil for their operation are called geothermal systems.

In temperate and cold climatic conditions, it may be necessary to use a water and antifreeze solution in the ground heat exchanger to prevent the formation of ice in the heat pump " water for refrigerant heat exchanger. Ground loop heat exchangers that a correctly designed and installed to ensure the temperature of the water is very well suited for heat pump performance. Schematic diagram of the cycle.

The heating cycle, the liquid refrigerant passes through water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. The refrigerant exchanges heat with the ground, water or ground loop liquid is distributed in the water side heat exchanger. As a refrigerant absorbs heat, it will boil at low vapor pressure.

The vaporized refrigerant is then pulled into the compressor.

It is compressed and released in the condenser. In this case, the condenser, the heat exchanger of the system. Capacitor changes the liquid refrigerant evaporates. Refrigerant releases its heat to the air in the room. The liquid refrigerant is returned to the water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger to repeat the cycle.

The same mechanism can be used to cool the building in summer. Then the cycle repeats to move heat from the building to the street. In this case, inside the coil serves as the evaporator. Water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger becomes the condenser. The water circulating through the water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger removes heat pump heat and delivers it to the ground. Heat pump-valve set for cooling air-conditioned comfort.

The reversing valve is electrically controlled by the thermostat. When the heat valve allows fluid flow. In each case, the refrigerant flow through the compressor in the same direction. Suction and delivery side of the compressor is always the same. The cycle of change is entirely due to the operation of the reversing valve. Land coil can be placed in water, such as a pond or lake. Running water, it should not be used because of the potential for sex or opening of ice damage.

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