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Milk solids-not-fat (SNF) in serum or solids containing lactose, casein, whey protein, minerals (ash), vitamins, acids, enzymes and gas milk or dairy products, from which they were derived. Proteins are essential for their functional contribution emulsi classification, and aeration of the water capacity/increase in viscosity. Excess lactose, however, can lead to problems due to excessive temperature freezing or crystallization of the lactose, leading to the texture defect. Thus, spent fuel sources should be selected to optimize the functionality of the protein, but restrict the content of lactose. Traditionally, the best sources of milk SNF for high-quality products were fresh concentrated dry skim milk or low heat skim milkpowder. Others include those that contain protein, whole milk (e.g. condensed or evaporated skim milk, milk protein concentrates, dry and condensed buttermilk), containing casein (e.g. sodium Caseinate), or those containing serum proteins (e.g. dried or condensed whey, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate)...
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