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The air conditioning system should handle both heat load and fresh air is required. It has to perform these functions so that not to irritate the invaders. In addition to drafts, another source of irritation unwanted noise .Noise is unwanted sound. Complaints of unpleasant noise of air conditioning systems, are common. Noise problem can be divided into three types:
  • The source of the noise,
  • The noise of the carrier.
  • Noise gain or reflection.
The noise at source of vibration. This vibration can start the heating device, a cooling fan mechanism turbulence of air duct panels, duct hangers, or grilles. Sound or noise when the object is moving. This movement can be caused by vibration of an object or air traffic against objects such as air conditioning ducts. Vibrating duct panel will create alternative waves of low pressure and high pressure air, producing a sound like the buzzing of a mosquito.

Another common complaint is the noise caused by high velocity air traveling through the ducts, causing air turbulence.

Often this is a result of low or duct of the block in which the blower has been accelerated in an attempt is made to the device's small size. Noise or vibration media, rigid structures. They carry the vibration in places where they can be annoying. Floors, ceilings, chimney, doors, pipes and can carry these fluctuations.

Noise amplifiers or reflectors typically a hard, smooth surface. Walls, ceilings, floors and furniture can pick up a small vibration. They will reflect on the frequency and direction, so that all or part of the space was embarrassed.

Soft tissues, such as Drapes and curtains and fabric-covered furniture noise absorbers. Felt-lined or soft isolation trees ducts also absorb noise. Some communities have the codes regulating how noisy mechanism may be. The city can limit the decibel window or external condensing unit. One city, for example, limits the level to 50 dB at 10' distance. More sound insulation devices may be required in accordance with this standard.

Speed of the air flow may depend on the type of building air conditioning. Where noise is a factor, the speed should be reduced to a minimum. If the speed cannot be reduced noise can be reduced by other means. Acoustic discharge chamber cannot be used. Ducts can be lined or wrapped with sound-absorbing materials such as felt...

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