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Hot Air Furnace Low-Voltage Wires

Make the field of low-voltage low-voltage connection terminal block (Fig. 2-7. Set the thermostat heat anticipator on 0.60 (or whatever is called for the manufacturer). If the advanced controls are in thermostat circuit, their current draw must be added this parameter. Failure to make the setting will result in improper operation of the thermostat.

With the addition of automatic ventilation flaps, anticipator settings, and then will 0.12 A. As you can see from this scheme, anticipator resistance in series with the fact that in the chain and is controlled by a thermostat. The more devices that are controlled by the thermostat, the more current will be drawn from the transformer to energize them. As the current demand increases, the current through the anticipator is also increasing. As you remember from previous chapters, successive chain has the same current through each component in the circuit.

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