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A system of air noise

All air systems have noise level following:
  1. Noise Central station equipment is transmitted through the air, carrying out construction and chimney-born
  2. Noise from air flow in ventilation ducts
  3. Lattice output noise
The first of these can be reduced by appropriate siting of the plantroom, anti-vibration mounts and possible body of the machine. The flow of air, noise depends on the speed and smooth flow. High-velocity air ducts usually need some acoustic treatment.

Grating noise will only be serious if long throws are used, or, if the poor design of the pipeline requires severe regulation on the outlet dampers. In addition to the noise of cars, these noises are mainly " white", i.e. without discrete frequencies, and they are relatively easy to mitigate.

Where machinery of any type is installed in or near the air-conditioned area, discrete frequencies will configure and some knowledge of their models are required to acoustic treatment can be determined. Manufacturers must be able to provide these basic data and provides technical assistance in order to find a solution.

Where several units of the same type are mounted in the space of discrete frequencies will be strengthened and 'beat' notes may be apparent. Special treatment as a rule, indirect air ways and means of mass loaded panels..

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