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Liquid-Line Service Solenoid Valve

The main goal of the solenoid valve in the liquid line, refrigerant to flow into the evaporator at the off cycle. On multiple systems, electromagnetic valve can be used in any liquid line, leading to individual evaporators.

Application liquid-linear solenoid valve depends mainly on the method of wire connecting valve of the compressor control circuit. This can be wired valve is switched on only when the compressor is running. This type of application is shown in Fig. 6-23.

Another application, known as pump-down control, uses a thermostat to control the solenoid valve (see Fig. 6-24 for wiring and fixtures layout). When the thermostat is satisfied, the valve closes and the compressor continues to run until a significant part of the pumped refrigerant from the evaporator. Low pressure cut-out for control is used to stop the compressor in the specified pressure in the evaporator.

When the thermostat requires cooling, the solenoid valve is opened by calling the evaporator pressure to rise and run the compressor. This scheme can be used for one or more evaporators.


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