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Road and railway transport

Refrigerated trailers articulated semi-trailers with a maximum length of 15.5 meters, the internal volume of 73 m3 but clung to the 401. Most of the cooling units are factory produced and have their own diesel engines for use on the road, and possibly an electric motor which can be run from a network of power supplies when the car is stationary. Change the drive on a magnetic coupling. Open the drive of compressor and engine speed options performance and flexibility (Numbers and 17.4 17.5).

The unit will rugged design to withstand vibration from bad roads and will adapt being able to maintain any required temperature automatically. The heaters are, because the cars can operate at the ambient temperature is below that required for production to be carried.

Direct cooling by evaporation of liquid nitrogen. This is done in a metal thermos, and the car will rely on warehouses, where in liquid nitrogen flask can be replenished.

Only mechanical equipment thermostatically controlled solenoid injection valve. Some vehicles are equipped with electric drive units supplied from the generator to the main engine; they can be set either by taxi or under the vehicle.

Vehicles used only in the daytime can have a cooling system to work from the network, provided that they can take quite a low temperature while on the road. Cooling the body of the car on the night when the garage, and, relying on cold mass production and well insulated to maintain the conditions at the time of delivery is sufficient. Additional day cooling capacity can be provided eutectic plates, in which beams or slabs containing the phase change material is cooled at night, and they absorb heat, while the car on the road (Fig. 17.6). Normal condensing unit mounted on the car provides cooling, but runs only when the AC power is connected. In addition, this approach has the advantage of zero noise from the cooling unit during childbirth. Some local delivery vehicles using liquid nitrogen.

Rail transport services, mainly in the purpose-built, refrigerator cars, many of these having Autonomous cooling system. Some preliminary cooled products and/or with ice. Re-icing stations are available on long routes in Europe.


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