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Refrigerated transport

The cold chain is a term used for food processing and distribution is submitted by regions where the product is under suitable conditions, all the way from chilling or freezing to the point of sale. This requires transport, various kinds of storage and display.

The carriage of refrigerated products was one of the first major single mechanical refrigeration, built in 1880, only 20 years after the first static cold storage. World refrigerators trade grew by 84.6 million tonnes in 1995 to 132.7 million tons in 2005. Marine reefer trade amounted to 73 million tonnes in 2006 (dreary, 2007). Logistics developments allowed to worldwide distribution of food products at the temperature-controlled conditions. This has opened up markets in the major developed countries and developing countries.

Export of seasonal products may represent the main part of production, and the ability to sell, depends on its quality and safety of consumer end of the chain. The temperature of the goods must be maintained within the defined limits (Fig.

17.1) . Air, sea and land transport developed its own specialized segment, and where large-capacity containers are used for the transmission from one mode of transport to another, potentially dangerous changes in temperature, arising out of transshipment can be avoided.

Although this is not a topic for this Chapter, also called the " cold chain " for distribution of pharmaceuticals. Vaccines should be stored at a temperature in the range 0 to 8C. They are more or less stable at a given temperature, but will gradually lose their effectiveness if it is stored outside of these boundaries, and this is a function of variations in temperature and the duration of exposure.


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