Steady Flow:

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Continuous Flow

It is defined as a stream, in which the current conditions do not change with time. However, we can have a stable flow, in which the velocity, pressure, and a cross section of the flow may change from point to point, but doesn't change with time. Thus, we should discern it, dividing it into a stable, uniform and steady stream of nonuniform flow. In a steady flow evenly in all conditions (e.g., speed, pressure, and cross-sectional area) are common and do not depend on time or position. For example, a single stream of water in the channel is considered stable uniform flow. If conditions (e.g., speed, cross-sectional area) varies from point to point (e.g., from the cross-sections), but not with the passage of time, this is called sustainable nonuniform flow. For example, the fluid flows with constant velocity through tapering pipe works completely...
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