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Energy Labelling

Energy consumption of domestic refrigerators and freezers attracted attention around the world, due to environmental awareness. Consumers are recommended to use more energy-efficient appliances, which also ensure the overall quality of the product. Manufacturers perform power consumption tests on a random sample, with their equipment, which they report on energy consumption labels each unit for sale. It is a common practice in many countries today. It is difficult to compare the energy efficiency of different models of refrigerators/freezers, precisely because each of them varies in its capabilities and usefulness. "Star " is a figure derived from the algorithm, which connects the energy consumption with internal displacement. This Convention is used to Supplement the information on the consumption / year (kWh / year). Some studies have shown that energy consumption in the use correspond measured in a laboratory (for some models, energy consumption is lower in use).

The test procedure to prepare energy consumption labels depends on the test standard relevant to the country where refrigerators/freezers are used.

There are a number of energy consumption test standards around the world. This leads to various energy consumption is determined from one standard to another, when the Cabinet is used. This is due to various factors, included in the test conditions, such as the Department of internal temperature, the number and location of thermocouples and doorways. It is thus interesting to set the ratio between the consumption of energy derived from various standards.


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