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Freeze-Chill Technology

Chilled ready meals are perceived as of higher quality than frozen. However, the former have a relatively short period of time, while the latter offer better production and distribution, flexibility, safety of foods and prolonged storage period of Animals, 1997). Freeze-cooling is a dual process consisting of freezing and frozen storage followed by thawing and chilled retail display (O'leary et al., 2000). He logistical advantages over cooling as he (I) allows the massive training of frozen products with subsequent controlled serial production of melted product in the cold chain, (ii) provides " chilled products to more distant markets easily, and (iii) reduces the rate of return of the product, as it allows routine microbiological tests that must be completed before the release of the plant.

A reason for freezing, cooling tests described below, arose from concerns that stop cooling may predispose products to more rapid deterioration of the quality of the cold phase of the process compared with chilled foods that have not previously been frozen.

For example, thawed products may be more susceptible to microbial growth at the expense of nutrients in the drip, and because freezing can open cell structure of vegetables and meat, thereby adversely affecting color, texture, vitamin storage and sensory perception. The study is addressed to freezing, cooling puree (three varieties), carrots, green beans, lasagna, white sauces and commercial ready meals are provided by the manufacturer. Elements of temperature abuse, hardening (thawing), repeated freezing and modified atmosphere packaging were also investigated.


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