Halide Torch Leak Detector: Detection halide torch leak Halide torch

Detection halide torch leak - Air conditioning leak detection halide torches

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Halide Torch Leak Detector

Alcohol, propane, acetylene, and most other torches burned, almost colorless flame. The flame will still be almost colourless, if the copper strip is placed in it. However, the smallest number of halogen refrigerant, enter into contact with heated copper, lead to a flame, to change a light green color. (Halogen refrigerants include R-12, R-22, R-ll, R-500 and R-502 and others) This principle is used in halide torches for the detection of leaks in the cooling systems.

The torch of burner is shown at the top. One end of a rubber tube is connected to the base of the burner. The other end of the free to be moved about different parts of the system. Rubber tube will draw air from the open end of the burner.

As the open end of the tube is approaching leak regard draws upon himself a part of leakage of refrigerant. As a pair of contacts burner flame color immediately becomes green, indicating that the leak...

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