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Electronic Leak Detector

Electronic leak detectors provide the other mediod testing for leaks Halocarbon systems. From this large office on the basis of the models are frequently used in the manufacture and installation of the refrigeration equipment and systems. Portable models available for field tests. These electronic devices are many times more susceptible dian bubbles or halides torches. They are able to measure leaks as small as 1/100 ounce in the year. As with halide torch, electronic leak detector should not be used in the case of flammable or explosive vapours may be present.

Electronic leak detectors work by measuring changes in electrical current flowing through the air gap between the two platinum electrodes, located in the sensor element, at the probe end. The decomposition of refrigerants pass through space, they ionize the air between the electrodes, generating changes in the current thread calibrated meter. When the refrigerant is present, the current flowing between the electrodes increases as the air becomes more conductive. The sensor circuit alarm notification technique presence of refrigerant and its quantity by increasing the frequency of the sound and optical outputs. As a refrigerant increases concentration, die ticking detector and die flashing led's increasing frequency.


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