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Recovery, Recycling, Reclamation Of Refrigerants

Laws preventing the production of CFC refrigerants into the atmosphere led to the emergence of new procedures. Methods of recovery, recycling and disposal of these substances were developed. The industry has adopted specific definitions of these terms.

For refrigerant recovery ls remove refrigerant in any condition of the system and store it in an external container. It is illegal to clear or vent refrigerants into the atmosphere. Equipment for recovery allows a specialist to do repair and utilization of equipment, without prejudice to the atmosphere.

Recycle the refrigerant, it is a pure refrigerant for re-use, oil separation and one or several passes through devices such as removable casing of the filter-dehydrator. These devices reduce the moisture, acidity, and matter. This term is generally applied to the procedures that apply in the field of work of a site, or at a local clothing store.

In most cases, the recovered refrigerant is returned to the system from which it was taken after repair system.

Recycled refrigerant can also be used in another system, belonging to one owner. EPA regulations prohibit the transfer of ownership of a secondary refrigerant, so it may not be sold, or given away. If a secondary refrigerant is sold, it must be fixed.

Claims act processing refrigerant new product specifications, by which may include distillation. This requires chemical analysis of refrigerant to determine that the appropriate product specifications are met. Reclaimed refrigerant should meet the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARl) standard of cleanliness.

Processing procedures, as a rule, available only at a reprocessing or the enterprise-manufacturer. This includes on the website or in local sendee shops, which are equipped technically complex devices.

Refrigerant management of equipment Fig. 10-3, divided into three categories:

  • Recovery: the unit that restores or removes the refrigerant.
  • Recovery/Recijcle: Aunit that will recover and recycle refrigerants.
  • Reclaim: the unit that will reclaim refrigerant inside the EPA standards for future use.
The technician must always follow local, state, and FPA rules and regulations while working with refrigerants. One of the main principles in its proper use is the use of refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment. While this is a standard procedure...
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