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Oil circulates through the system with refrigerant. Oil provides lubrication and cooling of compressor moving parts. Because it is mixed with the refrigerant refrigerant and oil must have certain properties. The oil comes in direct contact with hot motor windings are sealed units. Thus, it must be able to withstand temperature extremes and harmlessness for refrigerants and equipment.

Oil in the refrigeration system is cooled at low temperatures. But it must be able to withstand high temperatures of the compressor. She must remain liquid in all parts of the system. The fluidity of the oil-mixture of the refrigerant is determined by several factors. They include the refrigerant temperature properties of the oil, its solubility in the refrigerant, and the solubility of refrigerant oil (save oil fluid at low temperatures). Properties good oil cooler are: * Low wax content. Division of wax from the refrigerant oil mixture can plug refrigerant management openings (holes).

  • Good thermal stability. It should not form the solid carbon deposits in " hot spots " in the compressor (e.g., valves and discharge ports).
  • Good chemical resistance.

    There should be little or no chemical reaction with the refrigerant or materials which are usually to be found.
  • Low pour point. The ability of the oil remains in a liquid state, the minimum temperature in the system.
  • Low viscosity. The ability of the oil to maintain good lubricating properties at high temperatures, as well as good fluidity at low temperatures; ensure good lubricating film at all times.
To improve the productivity of oil, many manufacturers add certain chemicals. These are intended for suppression (slow down or stop) foaming formation of sludge. Oil, which contains or moisture in the air to form a sludge or varnish. This may cause damage to the instrument.

Oil removed from a system should be clear. Discoloration means that it is impure. When this happened, the new dryers and filters must be placed in the system. They will keep the new oil clean.

Another indicator of contaminated oil smell. Dirty oil from the sealing system can be acidic and burn the hands.

Only oil recommended by manufacturers of the equipment must be used. Refrigerant oil containers should always be kept closed. Oil enters the atmosphere to absorb moisture.

Mineral oil-based lubricants are not suitable for use with most new refrigerants. Polyol ester, alkyl benzene and polyalkylene glycol-lubricating materials designed especially for new alternative refrigerants. There are numerous varieties polyl ether () lubricating oil, Polyol ester lubricants and compatible with all refrigerants CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs lubricants also mi-cible mineral and alkyl benzene oils...

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