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As a rule, drier consists of hermetic compressor, condenser and evaporator via the capillary tube refrigerant control. In the scheme, dark red indicates the fluid under high pressure, and dark blue liquid at low pressure. Light blue indicates low pressure steam; and red light indicates high pressure steam.

The liquid refrigerant collects in the bottom of the condenser coils. It passes through the filter in the capillary tube. Then it moves into the evaporator, which is under low pressure. In the evaporator, liquid refrigerant boils quickly. He takes the heat from the surface of the evaporator. A motor-driven fan forces of large volumes of air through the evaporator.

Due to the low evaporator temperature, moisture is in the air condenses (varies liquid) on the surface of the evaporator. Moisture flowing at the bottom of the evaporator and condensate trough. The air passing through the evaporator as cooled and dehumidified. Cooled air is then forced through the condenser. No, it condenser is cooled and again takes the heat.

Therefore, the drier the air leaving approximately the same temperature as it was when he walked in. However, the air discharged drier has a relative humidity is lower than the intake air.

Low vapor pressure taken from the evaporator through the suction line of the compressor. Again she is compressed to high pressure side and is forced into the condenser. Here, it cools and becomes a liquid. The cycle repeats.

In addition to the on / off switch, dehumidifiers, as a rule, have two other controls, humidistat, are used to control the humidity. This allows less valid until the desired relative humidity is achieved. Control then closes the car in the air. Another frost control. This is placed in the suction line between the evaporator and the compressor. He stops the motor-compressor, when a sufficiently high temperature is reached. Therefore, the evaporator does not freeze over and stop the flow of air through it.

In the drawing arrows in black indicate the direction of air flow through the dryer. Fan is usually used to remove air.


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