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Radiant Heating

Radiant heating provide a very comfortable living conditions. It has little or no equipment in mind. The most common type consists of electrical heating wires embedded in the floor, ceiling or wall. They can also be any combination of these three areas.

With this setup, the surface is slightly warmed by electrical wires. The amount of heat emitted by a system of this type can heat the room. Thermostat, wall, controls the flow of current through the heating wire. The temperature in the room, thus controlled as well.

This type of heating works the opposite radiator. In the radiator, heat radiated from the human body has lost to the surrounding surfaces. With a radiant heating, radiant heat from the surrounding surfaces, will allow to reduce losses of heat of the human body. The body comfortably at the temperature of ambient air is slightly lower than the 66F (19C).

Walls, floors or ceilings are used in radiant heating systems must be carefully insulated to maintain the temperature of the surface. Often, radiant heat units are complemented by other sources of heat. They provide full heating and air conditioning system, which has a high heating power.


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