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Technical information Air-Conditioning Control system planning

System management planning

The control system can quickly become unmanageable complexity, and original approach to the design of appropriate management systems should consider the appointment of each subject, the impact on others, to exclude those that are not individually significant.

Control action may combine two or more targets, which can then be interdependent. It is more informative to consider the control action and to learn for what purpose it may serve in the chain. The controls must ensure that the functions are switched off when not needed. (boiler in the summer and cooler in winter). Optimum start control the present complement starting watches, forward or backward, starting time, depending on the illumination.

The management system, block diagram, it is necessary to mean, that may affect each unit of fixed assets. In many shows that, at the same difficulties, and the two elements work in conflict. A typical example-cooling and dehumidification of the air in the room condition is lower than the design, with parallel operation.

Since most controls, electrical and largely dip type, is a handy tool to install the original control scheme as an electrical circuit and in the book pages " form, i.e.

from left to right, and the line to indicate a sequence of operations with the managed device is always in the right column. This analysis should indicate the different items that can act to create the final effect and cause errors in the light. Fig. 28.4-this is a simplified diagram of control for small-conditioning system. Non-electrical items can be shown on the same initial scheme, possibly, dotted lines denote non-electrical part of the system. The possibility of failures must be examined and grouped, and the system does not work, unsafe systems and dangerous, and protected accordingly. The last category requires two independent safety devices or one control and alarm.

Complex time and logic control, the control unit can now be done with a programmable computer type devices using algorithms are stored in a Read Only Memory - ROM. Save these former complex arrangements of sequencing and antitheft relays and timers, but still require the same attention to planning and design of the scheme.

The usual way in which information on these controllers is carried out with the help of the list item 'numbers'. Each element of the number refers to custom or readable option and documentation for the controller explains its function and its default value. It is normal for such a system to be part of the overall system with details such as chain security, which must be whole before the pump (or engine) can be done before the start line on-off smoke.

In all cases, a copy of the basic schemes of control should be left with the device, as well as a list of articles for any complex controllers to inform users and service personnel management plan system, and any subsequent modifications updated on the scheme...

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